Architect, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentinean, worked as an architect until my relocation to the neighbor country of Chile. There I resumed the passion that I embraced since I was a child, and started studying with Maria Eugenia Matta and later on with my mentor, the professor Francisco Villalon.

Back in Buenos Aires, I attended Heriberto Zorrilla’s workshop. Afterwards, I learned human figure with the professor Ernesto Pesce.

I frame my artwork into the Abstract Informal Expressionist. Expressed, in my case, through spots, apparently undisciplined, invaded by brush strokes, prints, marks, lines, dots, textures and graphics.

Taking the words of the great Wasily Kandinsky: “Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.”

Exhibitions and Awards


  • Muestra Serie Etérea. Hotel Regente Palace-Galería Imaginario-Bs. As. -febrero / marzo-
  • Art On Paper, New York. feria de arte en papel.Stand Galería Imaginario -marzo-
  • Gallery Night e inauguración muestra “Entre Papeles y Mariposas”, Hotel Regente Palace y Galería Imaginario -abril-
  • Tokio International Fair-Stand Galería Imaginario-Presentación serie Tango-Pop -mayo-
  • Permanent exhibition in Imaginario HECHI, Defensa 1071-San Telmo


  • Muestra colectiva arte figurativo “Configura”, en R Van R, San Telmo-Bs. As. -enero-


  • Summer Collective Exhibition – Imaginario Art Gallery
  • Formation of the art group called “TRAYECTO II”, with Marcela De Cock, oriented to the reasearch and experimentation of new techniques, approached with each of the artists’ view, who were colleagues at FAU, and both architect-painters.
  • Installation “Ode to Reencounter”- artwork created alongo with artist Marcela De Cock, within the Colective Exhibition “Three-dimensional Landscapes”- Imaginario Art Galleriy.
  • Intervention of the National Constitution of the Republic of Argentina – Umbral Art Space
  • Attended the Seminar called “From Design to Art”-dictated by Architech Ricardo Blanco-National Academy of Fine Arts
  • 5th Week of the Arts – OSFA-WIZO
  • ECO ART- Collective Exhibition – Imaginario Art Gallery


  • Art Palm Beach-Convention Center Palm Beach-Miami-Jan. 23rd thru 27th
  • Collective Exhibition at Imaginario Art Gallery
  • “Mixtures-Communities and their artists”-Centro Cultural Recoleta-Sec. De Pluralismo-Gob. De la Ciudad
  • Winter Hall at Argentinean Society of Plastic Artists
  • Selected for the Multi-discipline Hall “Feel the Tango”- Gisel Duran & Imaginario Galleries-CABA
  • Especial Award from the Jury of the “Feel the Tango” Hall – Gisel Duran & Imaginario Galleries-CABA
  • EGGO- Art Fair at Centro Cultural Recoleta- Buenos Aires


  • April-Collective Exhibition, Digital Editions at Imaginario Arte
  • Collective Exhibition, Digital Editions 2 at Million
  • Regente Hotel-Buenos Aires – Shared Exhibition
  • EGGO –Cordoba. Art Fair – Imaginario Art Gallery stand.
  • Individual Exhibition “Metaphors” Intervened Paintings and Objects at Imaginario-Bs.As.
  • Individual Exhibition “Metaphors” at Million -Bs.As.


  • January-ARTE PUNTA-Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este-Uruguay
  • March-“Mujerio”-Collective Exhibition at Imaginario Arte-Bs.As.
  • April-TORONTO ART EXPO-Canada
  • Permanent Exhibition-Rajadelll Art Gallery-San Telmo


  • Individual Exhibition “Passion for Art ” at B&R Art Gallery.
  • Expotrastiendas- La Rural-Buenos Aires.


  • “Week of the Arts”-OSFA WIZO Argentina.
  • Gallery Nights Buenos Aires.
  • Permanent Exhibition at B & R Art Gallery.


  • Collective Exhibition at Portal Nous-San Telmo-Buenos Aires.
  • Individual Exhibition at Bohnenkamp & Revale.”Eternal Search”


  • Promenade Alvear- Buenos Aires.
  • Gallery Nights at B & R Art Gallery.


  • Gallery Nights Retiro.
  • Individual Exhibition at B & R Art Gallery.”Restless Spirit”
  • Buenos Aires Art Week.


  • #2 Award on the XX Small Format Hall of Soc. Cristóforo Colombo-Quilmes-Bs.As.
  • Gallery Nights Retiro-B & R Art Gallery.
  • Collective Exhibition at the Recova de Posadas- Zorrilla-Distéfano’s workshop.
  • “Painting-Installation-Video” – collective exhibition at the Law School, University of Buenos Aires.


  • Dogma-Buenos Aires Design-Buenos Aires.
  • Gallery Nights-Bohnenkamp & Revale Art Gallery.
  • Buenos Aires Art Week.
  • Second Special Mention in the 2005 Painting Contest of the Travesia Foundation.Buenos Aires.
  • Collective Exhibition of Heriberto Zorrilla’s workshop-Law School-University of Buenos Aires.
  • Rajadell Art Gallery Roadshow-Buenos Aires.
  • Individual exhibition “Sensations of colour”- B&R Art Gallery


  • Exhibition at Di Cianni Arte-Buenos Aires. Argentina
  • Permanent Exhibition at Bohnenkamp & Revale Art Gallery-Buenos Aires.
  • 18th. Collective Painting Exhibition of the Catholic University of Salta-Buenos Aires branch.
  • Exhibition at Wirkaal-Buenos Aires.


  • San Francisco de Asis Culture Centre-Las Condes-Santiago-Chile.
  • El Portal de la Dehesa Gallery-Lo Barnechea-Santiago-Chile