When a picture beyond the limits of painting

Arq. Gabriel Santinelli
The artwork “Intimate worlds” will be used in graduate and post-graduate lectures on the usage of cartography as a trigger of urban projects, at the Architecture School of the La Plata National University (UNLP).

“The image of your artwork is very suggestive, awakens infinite views, by which it can be interpreted as the aerial image of a city. Its strokes and blurred spots motivated me to use it in the lectures I frequently give in the
graduate and posts-graduate courses of the Architecture School of the La Plata National University (UNLP), in the Visual Communication seminar, and in a post-graduate course in the Humanity School of the same university (UNLP).”

Arch. Gabriel Santinelli

Concepts from Prof. Francisco Villalón

First of all, let me tell you that I like your artwork very much. In them I can appreciate the following: such a perfection in the composition with the perfect balance between the harmonious full constructions of color and the absolute clean spaces, that in a game of shapes, space and color, give deepness and mystery to an artwork that takes ownership, in a resolute way, of the creative freedom.

Congratulations!! With warmest regards,

Francisco Villalón

Silvia Soustiel according Professor Roffé

If the artwork of this excellent painter and her evolution has been outstanding for a while, now I can tell you that we are in front of a Great Artist.

From the pure abstraction of her initial work, thru an unimaginable figuration and landscapes.

Let me summarize this into 3 of her pieces of art: “Fragmented Identity” where the blue color wraps the entire artwork as the characters that live in it. “The return of the lines”, where we see the force of the color and its composition. And “Dislocated Construction II” which gathers all together what I have mentioned in the previous two.

Silvia Soustiel it is a great pleasure that you keep going on this Great Path, you are getting it. Keep going.

Prof. Fortunato Roffe
Justice Art and Jewelry Proficient.

Silvia Soustiel according Laura Garimberti

Silvia Soustiel, formed as an architect, work with an abstract language. From there, the inner force that is reflected in her artwork thru the brush strokes is really shocking. Colors are the main characters in her artwork, that is how can appear shocking blues and turquoises, warm yellows and oranges, neutral whites and blacks, and reds and maybe greens… all of them end up showing quite interesting compositions, colors applied from the mood or inspiration of the moment.

All of her artwork, is regulated in its design, compose resources sustained in a correctly applied law: dynamism with balance.

Laura Garimberti
Director at Imaginario Art Gallery